​​​​​The Monroe County Saddle Club offers boarding services at the facility which includes full access to the barn, pasture, indoor & outdoor arenas and an area for trailer parking. The pastures are fully fenced and properly maintained throughout the warmer seasons allowing your horse exposure to thick grass and open air. The arenas are regularly worked offering a great ground for riding and working with your horse. Boarders can also take advantage of our wash pad at the back of the barn. 

Stall Rental Package:

$150 per month

10'x10' stall with loft area 

Feed & water twice daily

Stall cleaning once per week

Pasture is optional (self-turnout)

​* at owner's risk

Boarders must provide:

  • hay
  • feed
  • two water buckets

Board payment is due on or before the 15th of each month. Checks can be made out to "Monroe County Saddle Club". Please include a short reference on the check to identify what stall it is for. Boarders may drop their checks in the drop box located near the desk in the club room. Further questions regarding payment can be directed to the Treasurer.  Boarders can also make payments using pay pal using mcsaddleclub@gmail.com, make sure that you put that you are sending payment to a friend.  

Please see stall agreement for any additional details not included in the information provided above.

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